MonoDerma A15 Pure Vitamin A in Monodoses 28 caps


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MonoDerma A15 Pure Vitamin A in Monodoses 28 caps

MonoDerma A15 Pure Vitamin A in Monodoses 28 caps 

Vitamin A plays a fundamental role in the skin because it is responsible for the constant renewal of our epithelial tissue in a process called cell turnover. Retinol is a natural regulator of this life cycle, regulating keratinization and protecting the epithelial cells. Besides promoting cell regeneration, retinol regulates the production of sebum and exerts an anti-inflammatory action. In addition, it has gentle exfoliating and smoothing actions, giving the skin a velvety touch.

Topical application of Vitamin Α:

• Prevents and delays phenomena of skin aging

• Diminishes the deepest wrinkles

• Promotes cell renewal

• Has delicate exfoliating and smoothing actions

• Adjuvant treatment of acne-prone skin

• Ideal pre-cosmetic treatment in cases of laser or peeling

The technological innovation of the Monodose® incorporated by MONODERMA® Α15 releases pure Vitamin A to the skin. In fact, each Monodose® contains pure Vitamin A incorporated into microcells and released gradually over time, ensuring a long-lasting effect. Thanks to this unique formula, each Monodose® contains only pure Vitamin A, free from preservatives, thus providing maximum efficacy and safety even for the most sensitive skin.

How to Use:

Apply one monodose on clean skin, preferably at night.



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